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Livesey Family Reunion
Livesey Family Reunion
Livesey Family Reunion
Manor House / converted to
Antique Store. Jean
Greenwood displayed some
of her antiques.
Front row Johanna & Annette Livesay
Back row Jean Greenwood, Bobbie Dibaldo,
Nedlene Renner, Amy Uccellini, Virginia
Smith, Patricia Renner, Theresa Uccellini,
Ellen Cook
Livesay - Livesey Cousins
Livesay-Livesey Cousins. We
visited a cold storage from
the yesteryears.
Annette Coppa Livesay,
Theresa & Amy Uccellini
having a cup of coffee
James & Margaret
Joseph Livesey memorabilia
displayed at a Museum in
Cousins just had tea at the
Golden Cock
Livesay-Livesey Cousins
waiting at the railway station
Livesay-Livesey Cousins in
Haworth, England visiting the
Bronte's home and cemetery
Johanna Livesay, Ellen Cook
& Annette Livesay shopping
in York
Virginia Smith doing a little
shopping in York
Ken Kenshaw showing off
his collection of Royal
Doulton Toby Jugs.
Livesey-Livesay Family Reunion
Taking a rest at the Haworth
Old Hall Inn
Ellen Cook, Annette Livesay, Amy
Uccellini, Johanna Livesay, Virginia
Smith, Neal Warren Testerman,
Patricia Nedlene Renner, Sue
Livesay, John & Judith Jacklin.
Theresa Uccellini, Annette Livesay,
Patricia Renner,  Nedlene Renner,
Bobbic  Uccellini, Jade Bentley
Annette & Johanna Livesay
Greeting our Liveseys cousins
Dunkenhalgh court yard with
Ellen Cook, Johanna &
Annette Livesay
Theresa Uccellini,
Bobbie DiBaldo
Ann Toman, Annette
Livesay, Judith & John Jacklin
Margaret Beardworth, Susan
& Ann Toman
Sue Livesay, Theresa & Amy
Uccellini, Bobbie Dibaldo
Peter Cunliffe & Bernice
Inside Police Station Pub Back
Nedlene Patricia Renner, Sue
Livesay, Bobbie DiBaldo,
Annette & Johanna Livesay
Police Station Pub
Livesey / Livesay Cousins
England 2000
Joyce Bentley, Carole
Salthouse, Carole Bretherton,
Judith Jacklin, Ken Kenshaw,
John Jacklin
Livesey / Livesay cousins
looking over a Lancashier map
Annette Livesay, Robert
Gress, Patricia Renner
The Whitehalgh Manor House
- A Livesey Home
The Whitehalgh Manor House
- A Livesey Home
Dated stone Outside the
Whitehalgh Manor House - A
Livesey Home
Outside the Whitehalgh
Manor House - A Livesey
Samlesbury Hall, Lancashire
Livesey / Livesay Cousins at
Samlesbury Hall
Peter Cunliffe with his
collapsible bicycle
L-R Virginia Smith, Susan
Toman, Theresa Uccellini,
Bobbie DiBaldo, Amy
Uccellini,  Ann Toman
The Whitehalgh Manor House
- A Livesey Home
The Whitehalgh Manor House
- A Livesey Home
The Whitehalgh Manor House
- A Livesey Home
The Portrait Room
Unknown Portrait    
" Could this be Lucinda"?
The Paneling room
Stained Glass window above
The Grand Stair Case
The Grand Stair Case
Annette (Coppa) Livesay found this
Grave marker while taking a walk  
behind the Dunkenhalgh, it had
initials "SM dated 1585".
(It is no longer there)
A false fire alarm at the
Dunkenhalgh with the
Livesey / Livesay Cousins
The Original main
entrance into the
Walmesley Manor
Theresa Uccellini Livesey,
___ ? ___ Ann & Susan Toman
Ivy Cottage - Upstairs
bedroom Neal Testerman,
Theresa Uccellini, Warene
Testerman, Sue Livesay,
Elsie Livesey
Elsie & Tom Livesey home
Theresa Uccellini &
Tom Livesey
Back view of Feniscowles
Old Hall
Back view of
Feniscowles Old Hall
Old Hall
Maureen Brindle owner -Warene
Testerman, Annette Livesay &
Josie Marsden
Livesey - Livesay Cousins
Livesey - Livesay Cousins
Bobbie DiBaldo &  Maureen
Bobie DiBaldo, Johanna Livesay, Nedlene Renner, Theresa Uccellini,
Patricia Renner, Amy Uccellini
Coat of Arms Belonging to the families of the Dunkenhalgh
Bottom row 2nd of the left
2000 UK Livesey Reunion at the Dunkenhalgh with the US Livesay Cousins
Dunkenhalgh Courtyard
Dunkenhalgh Courtyard
Dunkenhalgh Courtyard
Dunkenhalgh Courtyard
Map of Lancashire
Ivy Cottage
The Dunkenhalgh
Whitehalgh Manor House - A Livesey Home
Feniscowles Old Hall
Daytrips with our Livesey - Livesay Cousins
Livesey Family Reunion
Dilyn Unsworth,
Johanna Livesay
& Philip Unsworth.
Patricia Livesey & sons
Shirley and Gordon Read.
Walter Winstanley, Barbara
Livesey of Barcelona Spain &
Vivian Jack Livesey.
Livesey Lunch 2006
Carol Salthouse was
so nice to get a cake
for the US Livesay
Thomas & Connie Warbunton,
Marion Dean, Pat Humphreys,
______ Livesey, standing -
Barbara Livesey, Bob Humphreys
& ______Livesey
Roy Greenwood, Kay Loughenbury,
Johanna & Annette Livesay, Pat
Humphreys - seated - Vass Steele,
Jean Greenwood, Godon Shirley &
Read Bill Steele
Seated - _____, ______ Livesey,
Enid & Graham Livesey, ______
Livesey Standing - Geoffrey &
Margaret Livesey, Millie Toole,
Anne Dalby
Seated - Marjorie & Geof
Longworth, Tom Jr. & Tom &
Elsie Livesey Standing - Judith &
John Jacklin, Jade & Joyce
Enid Livesey, Colin
Dalby, Graham Livesey,
Roy & Jean Greenwood,
John Theaker, Bob
Humphreys & Anne Dalby
Enid Livesey, Bob Humphreys,
Annette Livesay, Pat
Seated - Maureen Moore, Mary
& Hilary Hopkins,  Peter
Cunliffe, Andrea Wilkinson,
Margaret Livesey Taylor
Standing - Barry Moore, Peter
Livesey & Alan Wilkinson
Standing - Maisie Tarbuck,
Anne & Alex Hurst, Walter
& Hazel Winstanley Seated -
Jack Tarbuck, John & Vivian
Livesey & Anne Dalby
Above the original entrance
to the Dunkenhalph
Outside of the Dunkenhalgh
with Connie & Thomas
Edith & George Dunscumbe &
Marion Dean
Margaret Livesey Taylor,
Elsie Livesey,  Maisie Tarbuck
L to R - Edith & George,
Dunscumbe, ______, Marion
Dean , Connie & Thomas
Warburton,  ______ Livesey?
Bob Humphreys, Anne
Dalby, Johanna & Annette
Livesay, Anne Hurst, Barbara
Livesey, Pat Humphreys &
Enid Livesey
Graham & Enid Livesey
Bob & Pat Livesey Humphrey
Roy & Jean Greenwood
Barbara Livesey, Anne Hurst
Anne & Colin Dalby
Johanna Livesay playing the
penny slot machine
Under Construction
Sitting - Tom Livesey I, Martyn
Jones, Elsie Bernice, Livesey
Standing - Tom Livesey II,
Anne Livesey Jones, Paul
Livesey,  Margaret Panniker
Sitting - Carole & Sam Salthouse,  
Kenneth & Carole Bretherton,
Standing - Philip & Dilys Insworth,
Enid & Graham Livesey, Barrie &
Maureen Moore
Sitting - Barbara Livesey, Marion ____,
Pat Livesey Humphreys, Bob
Humphreys, Anne Dalby Standing -
Connie & Tom Warberton
Sitting - Vass Kelly, Millie
Toole, __?__, __?__Jean_Greenwood
Standing - Kay Loughenbury, __?__
Roy Greenwood
Livesey, Peter Livesey Standing
Ann Toman, Johanna Livesay,
Georgia & Susan Toman
Sitting - Judith & John Jacklin,
Margarie Gebb___?____Standing
- Ann Toman, Pat Allouis,
Maureen Brindle, ___?____
The Old Cock Pit
Beautiful spring flowers
A day out with Dilys
Marsden Unsworth, Annette
Livesay, Philip Unsworth
Sitting - Margaret Beardsworth,
Johanna Livesay,___?____, Margaret
Greenwood,_____?____Standing -
Julie & James Beardsworth___?___
L-R Linda Theaker, Annette
Livesay, John Theaker, Lilan Cross,
Johanna Livesay, Ray Cross
The Crescent - Leading to
Livesey Hall Close
Preston - Site of Joseph
Livesey Shop with Johanna
& Annette Livesay
Preston - Site of Joseph
Livesey Shop
Standing under our Coat of
Arms with Annette Livesay,
Pat & Bob Humphreys,  
Johanna Livesay
Johanna Livesay & Tom
Livesey II
L-R Margaret Panniker,
Johanna Livesay, Paul Livesey,
Anne Livesey Jones
Ivy Cottage -
Tom & Elsie Livesey
Aerial view of Ivy Cottage
Standing - Annette & Johanna

Sitting - Tom & Elsie
Sitting - John & Vivian Livesey,
Anne Hurst Husband ? ___
Hazel & Walter Winstandley,
Standing Linda & John Theaker,
Joyce & Jade Bentley
S itting- Warren & Neal
Testerman, Gordon & Shirley
Read Standing - Roy Cross,
Annette Livesay & Lauren Cross
L - R Anne Hurst, Warene
Testerman, Annette & Johanna
Livesay, Jean & Roy Greenwood,
Colin Dalb, Graham & Enid
L- R Colin & Dalby Graham,
Enid Livesey, Barbara Livesey,
Pat & Bob Humphreys, Anne
Dalby, Anne Hurst, Linda &
John Theaker
L-R Annette Coppa Livesay,
Warene Testerman, Enid Livesey
Livesey Family Reunion
The Wonderful History
of the Dunkenhalgh p3
The Wonderful History
of the Dunkenhalgh p4
The Wonderful History
of the Dunkenhalgh p2
The Wonderful History
of the Dunkenhalgh p1
Menu from the
Announcement on our
arrival to the
Announcement on our arrival
to the Dunkenhalgh
Annette Livesay, John
Theaker, Johanna Livesay
L- R Pat Humphreys,
Annette Livesay, Bob
Humphreys, Johanna Livesay
Josie Livesey Marsden
Sitting - Pat Humphreys,
Anne Dalby, Anne Hursy,
Standing - Bob Humphreys,
Roy & Jean  Greenwood,
Colin Dalby, Neal Testerman,
Graham Livesey
Standing - Judith Jacklin,
Johanna & Annette Livesay,
John Jacklin Sitting Joyce &
Jade Bentley
John Theaker, Annette Livesay,
Linda Theaker
At a local Pub with Josie
Marsden, Annette & Johanna
A day out with Annette Livesay,
Dilys Unsworth, Johanna Livesay,
Philip Unsworth
Chatsworth - Home of the Dukes
of Devonshire with Judith Jacklin,
Annette & Johanna Livesay
Ivy Cottage Gate
Clock in Chester England
with Judith Jacklin
Annette Livesay
Ivy Cottage windows
Ivy Cottage is a Livesey
It is about 300 years old
Ivy Cottage is the home
of  Tom Livesey
Elsie____? Lived
The Walls in Chester with
John & Judith Jacklin
Wattle & Daub Barn
Chickens at the Wattle
& Daub Home
A drawing of what's
inside the wall of a  
Waddle & Daub Home
Visiting a Wattle & Daub home
with Johanna Livesay, Jean
Greenwood, Pat Allouis, Kay
Loughenbury and Annette Livesay
taking all the photos
Waddle &  Daub Home with
the owner Pat Allouis
Waddle & Daub Kitchen
Waddle & Daub Kitchen
Waddle & Daub Kitchen
Waddle & Daub Home
Waddle & Daub ceiling
Waddle & Daub Home
A Pub with Kay
Loughenbury, Vass Kelly,
Annette Livesay & Jean
Canal Barge.
Livesey Family Reunion